We Handle All the Backend Logistics

At Full Service Transport, our team takes pride in offering the highest quality transportation dispatch services. Aside from removing all the stress from having to schedule loads, your crew will have the ability to book more loads and make more money! You just focus on keeping your drivers arriving safely at their destinations. We work with you, as your partner, to keep your trucks loaded and profitable.

Dependable, affordable and reliable – It’s who we are.

Transportation made simple!

Full Service Transport was created with the objective to provide customers with a better solution to transporting their vehicles, boats, or equipment. We know you’ve spent your hard-earned money on these items which is why we treat them as if they were our own. With multiple options to choose from we are certain that together with our experts we will find the best one for your transporting needs. Our dispatchers negotiate the highest rates and allow you to make the decision.

Our Process

Step 1: Choose The Right Plan

Plans that we offer depend on your specific operations. We provide you with full information about each plan before you sign anything. Call us to discuss a plan today! (877) 385-5778

Step 2: Sign General Agreement

Once you pick a plan that is right for you, we will go over a general agreement with you and if answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Exchange Information

You will get access to load database and we will introduce you to your assigned dispatcher. We need your company information along with documents to work. We provide top of the line communication for easy problem solving.

Step 4: Start Booking Loads

After reviewing all your requirements we start booking top paying loads and dispatch your drivers.

Step 5: We Only Invoice Loads That We Booked

We focus on your total weekly gross revenue and send you invoice the following week. Only the commission on the loads we booked the previous week

No loads, no pay – you have nothing to lose with us.


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    Our staff of seasoned shipping experts specializes in transporting your vehicles. Our expertise does not just pertain to cars, boats, and motorcycles. We also offer custom solutions for a variety of other vehicles such as; ATVs, Campers, SUVs, Exotic cars, and more.

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