Heavy Equipment Transportation

Heavy Equipment Transportation for the Construction Industry

Anyone that has heavy equipment knows there are plenty of challenges when the need arises to transport the equipment to a new location. Fortunately, the experts from Full Service Transport have you covered! We have specialized carriers to haul your heavy equipment to its destination quickly and safely.

Do you have a construction company and need to transport your heavy equipment to a new job site? Our specialized carriers will pick up your heavy equipment at the origin location and transport it to its destination following all safety protocols. Leave the heavy equipment transportation challenges to us, that is our specialty. This frees up your ability to better focus on your business!

Need Your Heavy Equipment at a New Job Site?

The greatest aspect of a thriving construction business is that you always have new projects lined up. The logistical challenges often present itself when it comes time to get your heavy construction equipment to that new job site. Whether you need it across town, on the other side of the state, or even across the country, the specialized carriers from Full Service Transport will safely and quickly haul your heavy equipment where you need it. Here is a list of the services we have to offer:

Two Pilot Escort Units Flatbed
Landoll Trailers 48-80 Stretch Trailers
Lowboy Trailers Assemble & Disassemble
5-13 Axle Trailer Crane Service
13 Axle Beam Trailer Rigging
Stepdeck Storage Facility

Competitive Rates on Heavy Equipment Shipping

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